Need To Revert Your Garage Gym Back To Its Normal Function? Store The Components Properly

14 July 2016
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The garage is one of the best places that you can put a home gym, if that is something you desire. After enjoying such a setup for several years, you may find that you have another need for the garage. This is fine because you can still get a membership at a gym to get in solid workout routines. Whether you plan to create another home gym in a separate space, or you just want somewhere to store the components until you find out exactly what you want to do with everything, renting a storage unit is helpful.

Rubber Flooring

The most popular type of material for gym floors is rubber due to its impact absorption. Dropping heavy weights on the ground is not something you want to do with most floors as it can cause major damage. This flooring usually comes in large blocks that you slide together to create a complete look. So, you will also be able to break them down into more manageable pieces to put into storage. The main concern with rubber is sunlight exposure, which can lead to cracking, and a storage unit will keep all natural light out.

Free Weights

To optimize space in storage, you will want to have a free weight organizer. This will prevent you from having to lay down a large number of individual dumbbells. If you have a specific weight you are accustomed to using on a regular basis, you could always keep that one out and put the rest in storage. Try to keep the weights as low as you can within the storage unit to avoid injury or risk from falling down.

Wall Mirrors

If you are someone who likes to look at your progress on a regular basis, you may have a wall full of mirrors. Attempting to store these mirrors can come with a certain degree of difficulty. For one, trying to store a mirror on its side is only asking for trouble because all it takes is a bit of pressure to shatter it completely. If you have lots of small mirrors that you put together, you just have to take the time to go through and cover each one with bubble wrap and cardboard that you attach with packing tape. To finish it off, you can use a bookcase to put the mirrors inside while layering each one with foam board gaps.

Putting away everything from inside of a home gym is not a walk in the park. Following certain procedures is an absolute must, otherwise you could end up with a storage unit full of damaged belongings. For more information, contact a storage facility, like Koch St Mini Storage.