Tips for Storing Mattresses and Bedding

8 July 2016
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Placing your mattress and linens in storage requires some special preparation. You need to protect them from damage while also ensuring dirt, dust, and pests don't get into your things. The following storage tips will help you properly store your mattress and linens so they are in perfect condition when you are ready to move them back out of storage.

Mattress and box spring

Begin by vacuuming both the top and bottom surface of the mattress and the box spring with the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Next, remove any stains on the mattress. Use an upholstery or carpet-cleaning solution for most stains. For urine stains, opt for an enzyme carpet cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the stain as directed and then scrub lightly to remove it. Finish by rinsing with cool water. Finally, allow it to dry completely, preferably outdoors in a sunny area.

For storage, invest in plastic mattress bags. These will protect against dust and moisture. Simply slide the mattress into one bag and the box spring into another and then zip the bags closed. Once your things are in storage, it is best to store the mattress flat so that it doesn't bow, which can cause internal spring damage. If you must store the mattress on its side due to space constraints, then make sure it is kept perfectly upright. You can do this by propping it up between the wall and the box spring.


Linens require a lot less care to store. Begin by laundering things as usual and making sure they are completely dry. Sheets and blankets can be folded and placed inside of a plastic storage tub. Fold quilts loosely so there are no sharp creases. A sharp crease can put stress on the fabric of a quilt, causing it to weaken or for the internal batting to thin along the crease. Secure the storage tub closed. Plastic tubs can protect your things from moisture and pests, but you can use a cardboard box lined with a garbage bag if plastic tubs aren't available.


Pillows require a little more care when you are cleaning them before storage. Both down and synthetic pillows require washing on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. To prevent synthetic pillows from clumping in the wash, roll them up lengthwise and secure the roll with a rubber band at each end and in the middle. Once the pillow has been washed, remove the rubber bands. Dry both types of pillows on a cool setting. Toss a couple of tennis balls into the dryer to keep the pillows fluffed and drying speedily.

Once the pillows are dry, pack up the pillows as you would linens, in either a plastic tub or a bag-lined box.

Talk to a storage facility near you, such as AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage, for more storage advice and tips.