Steps For Simplifying A Cross-Country Move

5 July 2016
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While local moves are challenging enough, moving across the country takes extra effort to plan perfectly. You won't be able to easily make multiple trips, and the margin of error can be higher when you're dealing with the cost of cross-country transport. Here are some steps for planning a flawless and simple cross-country move. 

Do Some Triage

When you're trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible before your move, there are certain items to keep an eye out for. Anything that may not make it through the move should stay here; why pay to ship your poorly made shelves across country, only to find that they are broken on arrival? Anything that would be cheaper to buy new at your destination should stay behind, too; look for items that don't cost much but weigh a lot. 

And then there are those items that you don't really use but don't want to part with either. For instance, getting rid of clothes you don't wear is a pretty easy way of cutting down your belongings. You won't be getting rid of anything you could really need, and moving to a new place is a great opportunity to freshen your wardrobe anyway. 

If you know a few months ahead of time that you are moving, you could place stickers on each item you own and then remove the sticker when you use the item. Anything that still has a sticker on it at the time of your move is a good candidate to be thrown away or donated. 

Take Advantage of Discounts

When several thousand dollars are at stake, it's a good idea to take advantage of discounts from your long-distance moving services. They may offer you a better deal during the off-season (i.e. the colder months), or for a weekday move. The route you choose matters too; see what the price difference is between following the highways and the back routes, and you might be impressed. 

Consider Shipping Some Items

Long-distance moving services provide a lot of convenience for getting all of your stuff in one place. But sometimes, you're stuck between two sizes of truck or between six and seven movers; you don't quite have enough stuff to opt for the more expensive option. In these cases, shipping some items to your destination can help you to safely remain in the lower bracket, and your stuff can be waiting for you when you get there. 

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