Common Mistakes To Avoid When Transporting Furniture To A Secure Facility

29 June 2016
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It's important that you take a number of important steps to make sure that any furniture you need to temporarily store stays in good condition. This includes finding a good storage facility, but it also includes taking certain steps. Here are some common mistakes people make when moving furniture to storage facilities (such as Allen's Transfer), including what you can do in order to avoid them and make your furniture excel.

Failing to Use Plastic

It's important to use heavy plastic sheets around the bottom parts of furniture such as legs while moving it to a secure facility. This way you won't damage the furniture and you won't damage any of the ground underneath where the furniture is at any point. Plastic is usually either cheap or free to use. Failing to use it can cost you money and intact, valuable furniture.

Trying to Move Only Full Furniture

Another important mistake people often make is being obsessed with only moving full furniture. The impulse is to avoid breaking up furniture since this seems dangerous on the surface. The truth is, however, that it really isn't dangerous. Furniture that's designed to be broken up for easy moving should be. It'll make it easy on you and anyone helping you move.

It will also minimize the chances of damaging the furniture during the moving process. Additionally, the pieces themselves will often be easier to store in smaller pieces rather than having to keep them all in one piece which can often be unwieldy. It will give you more options for storage.

Forgetting to Use Adequate Padding

Wrapping foam or other padding around furniture isn't exactly the most thrilling thing that you could spend your day on. However, it is crucially important to the long-term preservation of furniture during its travels from your home to the facility. There are a hundred ways it could get bumped along the way, and you're going to want padding around all sharp edges.

Not Checking All Spaces Before the Move

You'll want to check the storage facility as well as the area on the truck and even the areas between your house and the truck before you move. Many people wait until the last second to do this. The problem is that if you do wait too long, you have little recourse when it comes to finding some problem with your moving truck like a spill that could affect furniture.  If you check ahead of time, you could avoid this issue.