Tips To Help You Prepare For A Move If You Are A Single Parent

28 June 2016
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If you are a single parent of several children and are getting ready to move to a new residence, but do not have extended family members to help you prepare, try the following tips. As a result, you and your offspring will be ready to hit the road on moving day.

Set Up Sorting Bins

Set up large bins inside of your home to help you sort through its contents. Designate one bin for items that you are throwing in the trash, one for donations, one for things that you wish to sell prior to the move, and one for possessions that you plan on keeping. Sort one room of your home at a time so that you do not feel too much pressure or become confused while completing the task at hand. If some of your children are old enough to assist, ask them to hand you items or help make decisions concerning some of their personal possessions.

Once you have chosen a final destination for all of the contents in a room, empty the bins accordingly. Bag up garbage, give away boxes of items that are no longer needed, hold a yard sale or post ads online for the items that are for sale, and place possessions that you are keeping in one part of your home.

Create A List And Add Color-Coded Labels To Items

Once all of the contents in your home have been dispersed accordingly and you are only left with the items that you and your children wish to keep, create a master list that will help you instruct the moving crew on the day of the move. If the moving company provides packing services, list which possessions you would like placed together or how you would like a particular item handled during the move. 

Apply color-coded labels to items to indicate which family member they belong to or the room that you plan on placing each item in when you arrive at your new home and include this information on the written list..

Pack A Box Of Vital Possessions

During the time that you sort through the possessions that you are keeping, pack a special box that contains vital possessions that you or your children may need while traveling to the new home or shortly after arriving. Medications, maps, first aid supplies, a few outfits for each person, non-perishable food items, bottled water, keys, personal documents, and any other items that you consider to be important should be placed in the box.

On the day of the move, put the box of important items inside of the vehicle that you are driving or riding in so that it is not misplaced. Once your other possessions are dropped off at your new residence, you will not need to unpack everything immediately in order to find an item that you or your children need right away. Instead, you and your family can start exploring the new surroundings and settle into the new home. Contact a business, such as A Best Movers Inc, for more information.