Tips For Comparing Moving Estimates

21 June 2016
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If you are looking for a moving company with great pricing, it can be tricky to compare quotes between movers. This is because there is no standard pricing scheme between moving companies, so what looked like a good deal at first may become a worse deal when you get the final bill. Here are some tips for getting the most accurate moving estimates between movers

Compare the Number of Movers Suggested

One thing that can quickly create variation between different moving estimates is the number of movers the company suggests. If one moving company underestimates the number of movers that your job may take, then their hourly estimate may come in well below the others. However, if it ends up taking that crew a lot longer to get the job done, then you may end up paying for more billable hours through that company. When you're looking at the hourly rates, make sure that you're looking at a standardized number of movers. 

Compare a Range of Dates

Another thing that can greatly affect the moving estimate is your date range. You may want to get moving quotes from each company for a range of days of the week, since weekend moves and weekday moves may be in a different ballpark. You might discover that a company that was very pricey on the weekend is actually a frontrunner for a Tuesday afternoon move. 

Compare Options for Outside Services

You may also be able to get better deals from movers that allow you to hire outside services. For instance, if you can rent a truck very cheaply from someone else, then you may want to limit your quotes only to those who allow you to bring your own truck. You might also want to consider combining moving services, such as hiring the movers of one company and renting the truck from another. 

Compare Rates for Specialty Items

Add-ons are one area where quotes can quickly deviate from a good deal. For instance, while some companies may be well-equipped to handle a piano move, others may charge exorbitant rates for specialty services like these. Consider whether you have any extraordinary items in your home and solicit the rates for those specific items; some may require additional movers to be hired for part or all of the move. By getting all of the information and attempting to standardize your evaluations of moving company quotes, you can hopefully narrow your choices down to companies with all-around great deals.