Moving Into A Second Story Apartment? How To Get Your Furniture Inside

16 June 2016
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Second story apartments are great for many reasons—they have good views and minimal pests. But, they do have somewhat of a disadvantage compared to first floor apartments in that moving in is not always easy. Transporting boxes is a matter of patience going up stairs and stamina for the energy drain. The most problematic issue is getting in furniture, which is possible, but requires proper execution.

Take Measurements Before Loading Up

Before you load up your current place to move into a second story apartment, you want to take measurements. You will want to determine how much space you have outside the front door because the more room you have, the less of an angle you have to hold your furniture at to bring it inside. You will also want to measure the staircase as some bulky furniture may not fit up the stairs at all. It is best to give yourself an extra inch or two for large pieces to protect them with padding. With these measurements, you can find out whether you need to part with certain pieces before bringing them along for the ride.

Disassemble as Much as You Can

Your top bet for getting furniture to fit into the apartment is to disassemble everything. Unfortunately, it is not possible or realistic to do this with every piece of furniture, so you just have to do your best. Most couches, tables, desks, and bed frames can typically be broken down into several pieces. At the very least, you should try to remove the legs to give yourself a few extra inches of room.

Use Furniture Pads or Old Blankets

It is important to get help with moving furniture into a second story apartment, so that should be one of your top priorities. Trying to move heavy objects on your own would lead to a higher chance of getting injured and damaging the furniture you want to bring into your new apartment. Using old blankets or actual furniture pads are the most effective ways to avoid furniture damage. It is perfectly fine to drag a couch or mattress up the stairs, just make sure to pad the bottom with blankets or pads.

Remove the Screen Door Temporarily

If you have a screen door along with your front door, you should remove it before moving in. While you can hold it in place with its lock, it will still reduce the space you have for moving furniture inside. This process is not difficult, you only need a screwdriver and someone to help you remove it carefully.

With proper planning, you can make it easy to move furniture into a second story place. Consult with a moving supplies company for more information and advice.