Saving Money On Your Moving Truck Rental Expense

14 June 2016
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If you are planning to move to a new home, you may decide to rent a moving truck to help haul away your belongings. At a time when you are most likely involved with coming up with funds to rent or purchase your new home, the cost of a truck can be a concern. Here are some tips you can use to make sure you are getting the best possible deal on your moving truck expense.

Call Well In Advance Of The Move To Get The Vehicle Size You Desire

It is very important to reserve your moving truck as soon as you are positive of the date you anticipate leaving your old home. If you wait until the last minute to call for a truck, you may find you are limited in the available vehicles for the particular date you need one. This can end up costing you more if the service offers you a larger truck than you need. 

Avoid Extra Charges By Reading Fine Print Before You Sign An Agreement

The rental agreement that you sign may have some added charges that you will be required to pay if you do not adhere to the policies of the company. This could include not filling the gas tank before returning the vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle while it is in your possession, and not returning the truck to the company within the time limit you agree upon. Avoid these add-on costs by making sure to read the rental agreement in its entirety before signing on the dotted line. Keep a copy of the agreement in the truck for easy reference.

Do A Complete Inspection Of The Vehicle Before Renting

At the time you pick up your moving truck, make sure to evaluate both the interior and exterior of the vehicle before signing the rental agreement. Previous users may have left the vehicle in less than a pristine state, putting you at risk for taking the blame for any damage or uncleanliness present. Alert the rental company about any problems with the vehicle beforehand so you are not held responsible for these unfavorable conditions. Failing to do this may lead to added charges to your bill at the time of the rental return.

Write down a list of all problems you find so there is documentation proving you took the vehicle with these errors present.  It is also important to do an inspection to make sure the vehicle seems in good running order to avoid breakdowns or safety issues while on the road. Contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc to learn more.